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Two G6020s have been requiring ink flushing...


I own two G6020 printers. The first one I bought back in 2021. The second, in late 2022. Just recently BOTH printers stopped printing one of the colors. An ink flush is required to get things going again. However, I only got about 2 pages of printout from one of the printers before it stopped printing cyan again.

"Do an ink flush" can't be sustainable - eventually the reservoir will be full and the printer just won't work. Are there other solutions, like tools for forcing or drawing ink through the tubes?



To have a look around, I opened the print head locking cover - I wanted to make sure it was seated well and that the joint buttons were down correctly. I noticed some ink moved around in the tubes when I had opened it. After closing it and pressing the joint buttons down, I tried a simple CMYK test print (four squares of solid cyan, magenta, yellow and black) and it printed great. Optimistic, I tried reprinting a recent image. It started fine, but about 30% through, I'm back to printing mostly pink. I tried my CMYK image again, and the cyan is striped.

Is there a way to easily see if there's a clog in the line? Or perhaps a loose connection somewhere? Don't know if it's related to the ink, but it's also been very slow to print. The job starts up fine, but it prints one line and feeds the page a little, then waits a second. Then prints one line and feeds the page a little, then waits a second.