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TS8350 closing the operation panel


This has been asked before for some other models, but I found no official answer anywhere.

So: Do I really have to close the operation panel manually after powering off my TS8350? The tray is retracted automatically and the operation tray opens automatically when I print, but it also stays open after the device has switched itself off.

I wouldn't have an issue closing the panel manually, if there wasn't a noticeable resistance in the hinges. It feels like I'm going to break the thing in the long run. Leaving it open is an option ofc, but I'd rather not get dust inside the printer.


I've been searching for this answer too, and have found limited info. The absence of a paper manual makes it even harder to find. However I eventually found this Canon help YouTube video which suggests for a similar model the answer is: yes you have to push it down. It seems very odd to me as there's so much friction, it feels like you're forcing it to drop, and almost like it's going to break it.


I'm glad it's not just me searching for this, I can't believe this is even a thing, why the cover doesn't retract with the tray is just mind boggling!

The only thing that may help people that are nervous of pushing the tray all the way down (as I am) is that if you look under the cover on the right hand side of the printer body there is a small white tab. if you press this down with your finger it releases the door hinge. You can only get it down so far, as obviously your finger is in the way, but it at least reduces the amount you have to push on the hinges.