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TS3322 Low Ink Warning


I recently bought a TS3322 and have just, for the first time, replaced the black ink.  This was the first actual cartridge after the demo cartridge.  Anyway, I purchased and installed a Canon PG-243 cartridge, which is the correct one to use.  However, I am still getting the "black ink" amber LED staying lit on the printer and it is preventing me from printing.  I saw some other threads that say I can hold down the "Stop" button for 7-10 seconds, which I tried, but had no luck.  There was no response to that process.   I am able to hit the maintenance button (the one with pliers and screwdriver) and then the page button, which still successfullly prints a test page, but nothing makes the black ink LED clear.  I know there isnt a lot to this device, so any help or suggestions would be great.  Thank you!