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TR8620a Printer - Black Ink smears when printing on Glossy Photo paper (with settings for Glossy)


I have a brand new TR8620a Pixma printer that I'm having issues with printing on glossy photo paper.  The black ink smears even though the paper settings are correctly set for glossy paper.  A quick search online indicates that inkjet printers are known to have issues with printing on glossy paper due to the combination of pigment ink and dye ink, which this particular printer does use.  Solution as far as I can find is to be sure to set the paper settings to glossy photo paper - done, but still have issues with smearing.  My previous Pixma printer used the same inks and I had no issues with black ink on glossy paper but this printer is determined to drive me to the nut house with this issue.  Canon even included a sample pack of glossy photo paper in the box with the printer so I'm assuming it should work without smearing but for whatever reason, it is not.  Has anyone come across a solution for this problem?  Any users of the TR8620a printer not have this issue?  



I had the same problem and thought it was a bad batch of glossy paper.  Then I thought it was a bad cartridge. Now have learned that on MG 2520, one can only select 4x6 or 5x7 paper size for glossy.  Wonder if TR8620 has similar limitations?

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