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TR8520 - Death Code 6004'


Well this is about my 3rd Canon printer that has what appears to be - "Buy a new Printer Error Code".  Error Code 6004 refuses to go away despite Canon's troubleshooting solutions.  The printer cannot display the HOME screen, which makes it impossible to reset printer to factory. Several models have an additional STOP button that can be used in combination with the POWER button to reset to factory, but this model has a STOP button ONLY from the HOME screen, so there is NO way to reset.

Canon needs to add a RESET button of sorts to clear NVM, as the printer is convinced there is something is wrong. Well there is, the machine is BROKE !

There is no paper jam, worked just fine all day yesterday.  Yes there is ink, yes, the head is properly seated. Nothing in printer queue.

The printer head tray appears to be lost in 'space', in that it doesn't return to start position upon power up.  moving the head doesn't work either.