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Supertank DVD/CD printing


Which printer model(s) utilize the Supertank AND print to DVD / CD.  There does not seem to be a filter option so we can find this ourselves.  I have no interest in buying another printer with the individual cartridges as those are a notorious scam...but I also need to print to DVDs.



Thanks for joining the conversation, GalinMcMahon!  We recommend talking to our sales team so that they can figure out the best match for your specific printing needs.  You can chat with them by going HERE and hitting the red "Chat" button at the lower right.  You can also give them a call at 1-800-385-2155.  They're open weekdays and Saturdays from 9a to 9p ET (6a to 6p PT).

We look forward to talking to you!

I appreciate the quick reply.  Unfortunately there is no chat button on the customer site at that link.  I did search each Megatank printer on the list and while there are a lot of them, they're basically all the same which makes no sense.  As a customer, I would much rather see a line up of maybe 4 consumer / small business printers total.  There is no end user benefit to having hundreds of printers to choose from...all of which have 95% of the same features.  There should be a basic print-only printer that is very affordable, an all in one that is actually ALL in one (including printing to DVDs thank you), a beefier duplexing all in one and a wide format.  Maybe a small biz plotter.  Name these and only release updated versions when absolutely necessary.  This will save R&D money and will increase sales because I will take the smaller all in one.  Here's my credit card.  But instead I have to sift through dozens and dozens of printers that are all the same and will not be supported next year.  Their drivers won't be available in 5 years.  I just don't understand who is being served by having so many of the same printers that all have the same features and the same shortcomings.  So I'll keep my credit card and I'll take it somewhere else.  That's not a win for Canon.

I don't mean to bite your head off!!  I'm just really frustrated as a customer that nobody is considering the customer experience.

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