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Selphy CP910 "Ink cassette is empty" and Unable to Phone Support



I love these little Selphy printers but this week my CP910 seemed to jam up and said it was out of ink. I couldn't remove the ink sheet cartridge. Following some other posts here I took the printer apart and found the rear right drive gear out of position. I tried a few things including just sliding it back into place. No matter what, even with a brand new ink film cartridge installed, when I try to print I receive the "Ink cassette is empty!" message on the printer screen.

I registered my printer for support and created my online Canon account. But each time I try to call for phone support, even 4 days later, I am told my phone number does not match any support accounts.

At this point I would like to replace the printer and would be happy to receive a discount towards a newer model. How can I get in touch with Canon to achieve this? I would also be happy to send the printer in for repair if that's the preferred resolution.

Thank you.



Hi bmcent1,


For support, you'll need to log into your My Canon Account at


Verify the phone number you're calling from and your printer are both registered.


You can update the phone number as often as you need to.


Alternatively, if you just want to take advantage of the Canon Upgrade Program, you can reach out to that team directly at 1-866-443-8002. They're available from 9am to 9pm (ET) weekdays. They are very busy this time of year due to the upcoming holidays. 

Thank you I will try the number you provided!


For whatever it's worth, I registered my printer last week and the phone number I provided is correct. I verified both of these were already registered in my Canon account just now to be sure. Perhaps there is a delay, but I figured in 2020 it shouldn't be a process that takes more than 4 days to get syncronized with the phone support systems.

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