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Scanning with a Pixma G620


My TS8220 stopped working so I bought the Pixma G620 - partly because of the refillable ink.  I'm just about ready to return it.

I loaded the software and all the extra stuff Canon has and couldn't get anything to print.  So I called the Canon helpdesk and was on hold for almost an hour before someone picked up.  I spent two hours with him on the phone and ... still can't print from wi-fi.  He thinks I have a firewall but he couldn't find how to dismantle it. He told me to get it dismantled and then try to load again - or I could USB cable.

My IT people didn't call me back Friday and I needed to print something so I went out and spent another $30 to buy a USB B Cable.  So now, I can get it to print.

Now I am trying to scan some documents.  No instructions.  I've searched the web and I can find other printers but not the Pixma G620.  I can barely read the display.  Does anyone know how to copy?  I can't call the help desk until Monday.

The other thing I don't like about the printer is there is only 1 paper tray in the back.  I print a lot of paper documents and pictures so now, every time I change what I am printing I have to change the paper.  I thought since it cost $200 more than my TS8220 it would be better, not worse, than my old printer.



Thanks for being active in our community! We're happy to share that it's possible to scan with an empty ink tank or cartridge. To start scanning, follow the instructions at this link.

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