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Scanner Utility for PIXMA MG5420 in Big Sur


I have a PIXMA MG5420 that I used with my 2011 iMac via the Canon IJ Scan Utility application. I just upgraded to a 2020 iMac running Big Sur, and I cannot get a Canon Scan Utility (2.3.8) to connect to it for scanning documents (printing seemed to work fine).


I see the support for the MG5420 ended before Catalina, and it is not listed as compatible with Big Sur "at launch". Will compatability be added in time, or is this model just going to fade away from usability?


Are there other softwares that can replace the IJ Scan Utility in Big Sur? My 5420 still works wonderfully, would be a shame to get rid of it just because the scan utility software no longer connects to it.



Have you tried the built-in Preview application?  Launch Preview, and from the File menu, do you see an option for "Import from (your printer name here)"?   This will still use the printer's scanner driver which is found at the following path:  Macintosh HD/Library/Image Capture/Devices/  (where Macintosh HD is that name, or whatever custom name you set up for the main drive).


I'm wondering if the driver will still work on your case.


Camera: EOS 5D IV, EF 50mm f/1.2L, EF 135mm f/2L
Lighting: Profoto Lights & Modifiers

Thanks Ricky


Preview has the "import from scanner..." option grayed out. And I dont even see an "Image Capture" folder in the Library. Not sure where Big Sur keeps scanner drivers...


All the other Canon Utilities I download seem to recognize the 5420 on the netowkr, the scan utility is the only one that seems to be unable to find it.


For now, I am just scanning to an SD card inserted into the MG5420 directly, then bringing it back to my Mac. Not too big of a hastle, and better than throwing out a perfectly good scanner!

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