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Refilled Ink - Streaking • Canon Pixma MG2522


I refilled the ink to the cartridges and now the printer is streaking. We use this printer for screen printing so it's printing on films. We go through ink pretty quickly so we were hoping we could use the bottles of ink we had used from a previous setup but it produces mixed results. I have used two different brands of ink: Gorilla Ink and CISInks, both dye inks. This may very well be an ink issue as opposed to a printer issue although this printer seems picky.

Is there a solution to this other than buying the original cartridges? The original ink carts don't adhere to the films so we're having to handle them extremely carefully which is often difficult and a single cart gets expensive after a short while so any alternatives would be appreciated.

I have run through everything in maintenance (cleaning, deep cleaning, roller cleaning, etc.) without any new results.



Are you using a transparency film made for inkjet printers?  Are you printing on the correct side of the film?

Are the inks compatible with film?

Yes to all.