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Recommendation for an inkjet printer that uses printer driver and not Apple AirPrint


For years and years I used a Canon MG5320 printer to print clear labels on a Mac (currently with Catalina - 10.15.7). It worked great. I could adjust the tone and intensity of the color and the labels were always beautiful. After my second MG5320 printer finally died, Canon no longer made the MG5320 so I got a Canon TS8220 but have had all sorts of issues. First, it uses Apple AirPrint instead of a printer driver so I cannot adjust the tone or intensity. The option isn't even available. The other problem is that the labels now bleed terribly over time (especially the red colors). They also fade quickly and just look awful.  I never had this problem with either of my two MG5320's. 

So I am in search of a good printer to print clear labels.  I need one with a back feed because they tend to clog in a lower tray feed. I would prefer inkjet but would even switch to a laser printer if it would give me good labels again.  I need to be able to adjust the tone and the intensity of the color, which means I need a printer that works with a printer driver and not Apple AirPrint.  If you have any suggestions I'd be so grateful. I've spent so many hours researching this just to understand the issue.  I now understand what is going on but feel like I'm no closer to a solution other than to buy a used or second hand MG5320, which would not be my preference because you never know what you get buying a used printer.