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Problem with MB2050 & Samsung pc/W10.


Problems with printing.

Hardware: canon MB2050; Samsung all in one PC (about 3 years old) running W10. Also use iPad.

What happened:

Set up printer on wifi lan. On Samsung had to do it online - cd drive wouldn't run the cd. After difficulty (I found the setup instruction leaflet inadequate), got it all working - good! Then setup iPad link, that worked really well too. Went back onto pc to do real work and couldn't print. Canon printer box said printer wasn't responding, then said it was offline. Printer was on, all cables fine. Couldn't find anyway to override or correct it. Spent long time in W10 devices & printers box, couldn't find anyway to get them to communicate. After several attempts, found one trouble shooting site that suggesting uninstalling the device and reinstalling, so I did, but couldn't reinstall the printer stuff. Went through the printer installation but it was just resetting the printers lan connection with access point/router, nothing about the pc. Even this was difficult as it frequently failed and I had to repeat it until it finally got reset. Trying to make the PC seek a new printer, it runs through a box in which the MB2050 should show and enable me to select the MB2050 and enable me to set the link with the PC,, but nothing appears in the box.  I went through the manual entry method, I.e. typing in the details of the MB2050, and managed to get it to appear in the devices screen, but not with the correct canon icon, and nothing works at all.

Through all this time the iPad connection was working fine, and is. Before I bought the MB2050 I had to put iPad work in iCloud and access it on the PC to print it (an old and trusty Epson printer) , now I'm having to go the other way - time wasting - Grrrrrrr!

So, how can l fix this? It's extremely frustrating, and I need to get on with some real work rather than install the stuff!

v grateful for any help!