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Printer prints coupons and basically nothing else


I used to be able to print anything on my MP620B using my MacBook Pro with OS X Snow Leopard and my son's Lenovo with Windows 7.  When I upgraded OS X to El Capitan, Canon has no corresponding driver for it so I saved my docs to be printed in Google Docs and accessed them in my son's laptop for printing.  At some point, I replaced the 4 small ink tanks (only the big black tank wasn't replaced).  Then I read in one forum where this poster said he downloaded a driver for the old OS X Mavericks although he has the OS X El Cap.  It worked for him.  I did the same thing and now the printer only spews out blank pages.  Even sending the print jobs from the Lenovo results in blank pages.  I tried the "Test Page" through the printer utility screen in both computers and I got a page with the 3 magenta bars blank.  I did the nozzle check, etc using the printer menu itself and it printed the test page ok (including magenta).  And now here's what makes me scratch my head:  I downloaded the coupon printer in the L'Oreal website in my MBP and printed a hair color product coupon and another coupon from the Walmart website.  Both coupons printed ok.  Why can't I print anything else?


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Product Expert



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