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Printer G3270 color faded


OK, I have the dreaded color fade problem.  I bought a G3270. 

I have played around with pretty much 'all' the settings for the printer, and I haven't found a good combination to get close to the IX6800 test page, or to get my screw driver guy to look comparable to the digital file.

I've played with the following setting:

Profile: Photo printing, standard

media type: Plain paper, Matte photo paper, Glossy paper

Color/Intensity (Manually): various settings, which don't seem to do much

Color management: changing ICC profiles to the same one the monitor has, but I'm not to clear on ICC profiles

Print Processor: changing this to see if it makes a difference.  so far it doesn't.

Nozzle Check Pattern:

Nozzle checkNozzle check

digital image I want to print

what I want to printwhat I want to print

What I get:

what I getwhat I get

Test page from an Cannon IX6800, the Blotches are unrelated to printing

from IX6800, Don't mind the extra blotchesfrom IX6800, Don't mind the extra blotches

Test Page from the G3270:  I printed on both sides to use less paper for testing.




I swe nobody has responded yet.   I am in the same boat.  Same printer, just got it, and my prints look exactly like yours.   Seems to be a terrible printer for at the very least color matching.  Probably the worst color matching printer out the box I have ever bought.        If you find a solution please come back and share lol.    I will as well but I am literally about to box it up and take it back for a full refund.

My wife bought this as a good alternative to standard inkjet. If you haven’t returned it yet, we have had success ONLY on glossy paper. When we print with matte paper and glossy settings the color was very vibrant. 


I commented the same below, but my wife bought this printer and weve had good luck with printing ONLY on glossy paper. When we print with glossy setting on matte it’s vibrant. But nowhere near as good as the glossy.

ty for the reply.   Are you printing on actual “matte” paper or regular printer paper with matte as the setting fir which paper you loaded? 

So glossy settings on your computer or printing program, and Matte as the loaded paper?    Also, which printing program are you using?  

I’m no pro for printing, but we printed on basic letter size printer paper and it looked terrible. I looked at some setting on the printer but didnt get a solid “that’s it”. We then did glossy photo paper. The setting were accurate yo what size and paper we used. As a fluke, she tried glossy settings on basic computer paper. It turned out pretty close to the original. She just printed on matte sticker paper with matte settings and it’s a little faded. We tried photoshop (no luck) and photo on windows. I hope there is some info here.