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Poor print quality on TS8360 printing thru IJ Scan Utility


Recently upgraded from a Canoscan Lide 210 which used MP Navigator Ex to a Lide 400 with IJ Scan Utility and am bitterly regretting it.

Apart from the dire ergonomics of IJ Scan Utility (8 steps to achieve what MP Navigator Ex on the 210 did with 3 making the overall scanning process way slower and tedious) it interferes with printing on the TS8360.  Apart from horizontal lines, like a mis-printing head, it overlays the print with a mesh pattern, like a chain link fence.

My current workaround is to print from file manager using the Windows native driver that produces clean prints without the interference, but doesn't give me the print options like adjusting print or page size.  I'm also trying different apps. some of which use the Windows print driver (Affinity photo) and some use IJ Scan Utility (Picasa).

Does anyone else have this problem and found a better solution please?