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Pixma iP110 line spaceing in text mode


Hello. I have a iP110 printer. It's working fine. I'm using it as a text only printer with a unix system. The only issue is that in text mode it prints at 6 lines per inch. I'd like to print at 8 lines per inch. I tried PCL and Epson escape sequences but it deosn't seem to accept those. How can I have it print a 8 lines per inch? I cannot find any manual or other reference to escape sequences. Thanks 


Also, any information about it's extended character set (ie: characters between asc 128 and 255) in text mode would be welcome.



No clue, anyone? I'm fine with the Courier font and 10 cpi pitch, it's just the line spacing. I can't imagine this printer emulates nothing...

Hi guylavoie!

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Well, it's not "urgent" in the general sense, and not a malfunction issue either. I was just hoping to run across someone who might have had a similar need and reply with a solution or better yet, a link to some documentation that I couldn't find among the downloads for that printer model. If nothing comes up, then I might try the support route.



Ok, got the reply from Canon support. It turns out that this printer does not recognize any escape sequences in text mode, in case anyone else is searching about this. It prints a Courier font at 10 Characters per inch and 6 lines per inch, period. Disappointing, but at least I got a definitive answer!

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