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Pixma TS9120 ErrorCode 2114: Telling me what paper I have


So my printer seems to be having trouble with detecting what paper is in the rear. 


I have Letter size MATTE paper in the tray, and the register paper info window has this. but when i try to print, it tells me that the settings are wrong, and then lists any number of different types of paper (sizes, types, etc). It refuses to let me print on the paper settings I've set it too, which ARE the correct ones! 


Sp because of thsi when i click print anyway, my papers come out very blue and muted. My ink is full, its a brand new printer with fine print heads. 




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi KClarke96,


To resolve the 2114 error, please follow the steps on the following web page:


If you continue to have difficulties, please contact our support group using the following link:

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I've been having this aggravating problem for a few months since trying to print photos using this new "Easy PhotoPrint Editor" program. The paper I select on the Editor screen exactly matches the printer screen and that is exactly the paper in the rear feeder. But this 2114 error keeps coming up telling me that the paper in there is not what is in there.


Today I finally figured out this PhotoPrint Editor program is actually the problem. After repeatedly getting this error I went back to the older Easy-PhotoPrint EX program. I did not touch the printer at all; neither the paper nor settings. Everything was exactly the same. I selected the exact same paper in the older EX program and hit print. Off it went, no errors, it printed just fine, all good. To verify I repeated the process using the newer "Editor" program. Guess what? 2114 Error. The paper in the tray is not the paper in the tray.


Something is wrong with this PhotoPrint Editor program and the way it manages the paper feeds.


Canon needs to FIX IT.