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Pixma MX920 Not in Printer Options


I just got this used Canon, and I have it connected to my WiFI, and I have it connected via a cord directly to my laptop; it does show up under my list of connected devices, but when I go into an application like Word or Illustrator, it doesn't show up on the list. I've repeatedly removed it and added it again. Please help. I don't understand why it shows up in my device manager as a connected device, but doesn't show in any apps where I want to print.



If you want this to be a WiFi printer AND a USB printer, you need to install it TWICE...once as a network printer, and again as a local/USB printer. You will then have TWO MX920 printers in Devices and Printers. So you know which is which, give each one a distinctive name in the install process, like "MX920-WiFi"  and "MX-920-USB".

Or, install it on the USB-connected computer as a USB printer, and on the computers using WiFi as a network printer.

You can't have just one installation that communicates different ways to different computers.

Thank you. However, it's not recognizing whichever is installed. I first connected it to WiFi and it was showing up as a connected device but not in my app options as an available printer. That's when I tried connecting it directly. 

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