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Pixma MG2520 Refuses to print entire page


Hello. This is the first time I've ever had this problem. I frequent reinstalling my OS whenever it begins to slow down immensely or whenever I'm spooked by the idea that I may have an infection of some type, so I've always had to install my printer's drivers time and time again. This time around I have a new problem and that my printer (Pixma MG2520 as stated in the title) downright refuses to print the entire page.


What leaves me more confused is that I seem to have messed around with what seems to be every setting, taking advice from all over the internet, and reinstalling my printer's drivers a few times to no avail.

It's not that I'm trying to print a document that is sized for a legal document onto a sheet of letter paper, but something that should be printed as a 1:1 ratio. For an example, here is a document I've had no problem printing before and suddenly have a problem with now. Note that the first image is with Fit to page ticked off and the second image is with that feature turned on. Both give me the same results.

Figure 1: Default




Now yes, I do understant that it is just the bottom part of the paper, but for someone who prints out several documents on a monthly basis, it really becomes a problem when I have to keep in mind spacing my document a few paragraphs, sometimes mid-sentence, a few times toward the bottom of each page.


Do you all know of anything I can do to fix this? Thank you for your time.



On the page for print choose fit  and you'll see that the printed area is inside of bottom margin. I tried so many another settings but nothing help, only when I chose fit the page is printed full.

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My Pixma is doing this exact same thing and it is driving me crazy!! Did you ever get to fixed??


Imhaving this exact same issue and can't figure it out. DId you ever get a resolution  to this problem?

Me either


There's NO work around for this problem with these series of printer..
 I tested to print a picture full page borderless (i know it wont print borderless mode) on a Letter size 8.5" x 11" paper and it cuts or stops printing at exactly 260mm OF the paper. to know the problem i tried to print it using an 8.5 x13 or legal sized paper without changing the paper size settings. it still printed with the Picture cut off at exactly 260mm. then i tried a different approach. i changed the picture size to exactly 8.5x11 and changed the paper page setting to legal then directly print using the print defaults. yep.. i got a picture without cutbut printed on a longersize paper. this printers are designed to detect the end of paper size and stops the printer head from overlapping printouts. WHICH SUCK!!!! fire that engineer who doped this company with this FRUSTRATING feature. a waste of money. when it cant even photo print using A4 sized photo papers. again the PRINTER REFUSES TO PRINT A4 SIZED PHOTOS.



I am highly upset this printer and I don't know what else to do except take it back for a refund. I have the Canon Pixma MG2522 and it will not print the entire page. I have done every thing in my power to correct and update the driver but it just won't printer the entire page. Can someone please assist me with this matter.

same problem here....mine will print entire page as long as it is text but will not print pictures. pics print wit a little on each side and completely blank in the middle, has anyone figured out a solution or is it time for a new printer. Any help greatly appreaciated.


I'm having this exact issue and it's beyond an inconvenience. Canon is doing nothing to fix this issue, and I understand the printer is $40, but it's money spent nonetheless on something that I purchased to WORK. It simply does not work and I will be returning it.


I also have the same problem with the Cannon Pixima MG3060. I have only had it two weeks. My problem started with my first ink replacement, after I repalced the ink cartridges and tried to print, it recommended I do a new print head alignment. After I perfomed that I have the same issue as everyone here. No matter what paper size I choose, A4, Custom etc it doesn't print the last bit of the page. If I click on 'shrink to fit' it reduces the picture to 93%. I was printing these same PDF's before I ran out of ink. Now they will not print properly, but its not just PDF's its also Word documents and pictures too. So frustrating. If I cannot find a solution to fix this I am going to return it. It wasn't worth my money. My old Pixima MP250 lasted more then 13 years and the only reason I decided to replace it was because it started not printing 1 line of ink and I coudn't fix that problem but for 13 years I think it was a good investment, seems they lack the same quality now!.

I found a possible fix. In the printer preferences I selected the Print Preview  option and saved,  and changed the scale till i can see the whole page visible in the print preview before printing. it was printing the full page at scale of 95%.


On the page for print choose fit  and you'll see that the printed area is inside of bottom margin. I tried so many another settings but nothing help, only when I chose fit the page is printed full.