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PIXMA iP1500 Print Head Jets Clogged


I know this is an old printer.  I believe it came out around 2005.  But it is my favorite all-time printer for making numerical charts that only I use.  I have never needed the color feature.

Recently I bought another one on Ebay which was NEW in box!  Of course the ink was dried out, so I put 2 new cartridges in it.  But it still wouldn't print.  I did a couple of cleanings and then a deep cleaning.  Eventually, I started to get some results, but not very good.  I put the print head in isopropyl alcohol & water, but that didn't improve it much either.  I did a few more cleanings and deep cleanings.  Finally I started to get results.  But the bottom of the letters are still not visible.  Obviously some jets are still clogged.  I have also tried pressurized water on the print head from a spray bottle of water.

Anything else I can try before giving up on it?