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PIXMA TS8350 - Multiples on one sheet? (Model instructions & menus are all over the place)


Multiple copies of the same file, that is.

I must be missing something really simple.  (I used to do it with Windows 98SE and Vista, even MsDos with dot matrix printers).  Maybe it doesn't matter which Canon model the answer is from.  (But details are below).

I'm trying to print a bunch of pocket size versions of a club poster, by printing multiples on A4 paper (same principle as with letter size).  Simply that.  (My paper-cutting gadget takes care of the rest).

The original image opens full size (printing as A4). I get as far as selecting a multiple of the page per sheet of paper (say, 8), and the print preview reduces the size accordingly.  But it shows only one instance, taking up the top left 1/8th of an otherwise white space, and I can't seem to get any further.  I printed some of those just to start off with, but it was a terrible waste of paper (and I'm hardly short of things to do!).

It's exactly the same story with all file types I've tried, and from whichever device or print app, and I think I must be missing some setting in the printer itself.  It has enough ink in it, and has done everything else asked of it so far.  Our wifi has always been adequate for printing, and since I got the printer installed it's never lost its connection with our wifi or devices (as far as I'm aware).

It's a Pixma TS8350.  It's my second Pixma, and I've had it about 9 months, but still don't know if I've found all the menu options in it (thanks to its peculiar menu system and simplistic, scatter-gun documentation).  The settings on my first Pixma (MP640) were arranged much more logically (even if it did perhaps mean IT novices having to look up/ask about a few specialist words)!

I have laptop HP Envy AH0501 (Windows 10), with the right Canon printing apps installed (I think).  I have Irfanview and one or two other image editors installed, but haven't yet tried them re this job (or much at all in this computer - still getting used to Windows 10 after Vista).  No Microsoft office/email software (I use Google Docs, Gmail, and open source versions of anything else needed).

My other device is a smartphone with wifi, Motorola Edge 20 Lite (Android 11; apps basically Google ones (with a few small additions, e.g. Image Size and Snapseed).  I don't have Canon software in it (always found their phone apps increasingly dysfunctional), and use Hammer Print, or sometimes Mopria Print.

While searching on the problem I noticed a possible stopgap (if it would get round the problem, that is).  Canon's description of the Easy Photo Print Editor phone app includes a picture of multiple photos on one sheet.  But it's a collection of different ones, with nothing about the same one repeated, and I can't find any more detail without installing it - anyone know about that?  (I had enough of trying Canon phone apps to see what they did, years ago!).

P.S.  It's not that I havent seen the advice re models not sold in the US, but mine might be named differently there for all I know, and thr Canon support for Ireland is very limited; and in any case the answer to the above might not be model-specific.



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We appreciate your participation, though we need to let you know that your product appears to be a model that is not supported by our team here at Canon USA. While the community is welcome to chime in, the Canon Community Forum is hosted and moderated within the United States by Canon USA. We are only able to provide support for Canon products manufactured for and used within the US market.

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Sorry - I've already replied, but only by adding to my OP -  before I saw your reply!

Has anyone here succeeded in printing multiples of one image on the same sheet of paper, on any domestic printer?  (From any country?)  Or know if it's even still possible?

Printing from computers etc never was a simple process under any OS, but the silence here makes me wonder if there are just too many differing user circumstances these days to cover everything we used to be able to do?)

I'd be glad to hear about anyone's experience of even trying to do it (whatever the outcome)!  Anyone?

By the way, re comtacting Canon's support in my own country; it consists of a phone number, and a chat facility.  The weak phone signal in my area makes that option too difficult, and I always find web chat fairly useless.  I get cut off if I try to describe a problem/reply to a question using more than about 7 words.  Or pause for a moment to try and remember telegrammese! (Even if I've got through to a real person, with a human adult's vocabulary).

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