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PIXMA TS6420 inherent flaws; outrageous cartridge costs


TS 6420 all-in-one:  one year warranty.

1. First one, split lines on print, faded lines.   ie, alignment off, would not self correct. Resetting print head and alignment used significant amount of ink in the 260 cartridge. Did not solve problem.

2. Color printing erratic. Resetting used significant amount of ink, in a cartridge that only has some 7ml ink total for three colors.

3. Support could not fix these problems; replacement sent; warranty not started from new; only what’s left of first unit.

Very unfair. Canon could have made the warranty the full year, and did not. It would not have broken the Canon bank, to respect the customer getting a new machine:  new machine, give the full warranty for it.

4. Replacement unit, one week out of balance of that warranty, color is off; scan copying of photos is no longer clear and precise; most obvious is the return of parallel lines, college rule style, across copies of photos, photos put on the platen, just to copy them, or print them from a photo file.

Complete waste of precious ink, and photo papers, repeat printing, to see if these flaws would stop. Flaws continued.

This happens to two identical TS 6420 printers. It means these are inherent flaws.

Compound this, with the exorbitant costs for those cartridges. 7ml in them, black or color, at some $29. each. 7ml total, for three colors. 

The xl size costs more, for some 11ml in them; all black, or the tri-color. 

Same cost profile for other Canon two- cartridge printers.  Compare a 250 or 280 cartridge, one color each, or black, standard 7ml, xl 11ml; cost is about $14 to $16.

TS 6420 has inherent flaws. Happens twice in succession, to one owner; it is likely happening elsewhere.

Not a user friendly printer just because it has those two cartridges. Any printer with separate color cartridges is no more difficult to use; just pop out the one used cartridge. 

But, a lot more ink in those, for about half the price.

Analysis: Low price printer is deceiving. Not a good machine, inherent flaws; a money eater after purchase for cartridge replacement; one year warranty speaks for itself and worse, Canon did not give a full one year warranty on the replacement printer, which is very poor regard for its customer. 

Result:  Going to another brand for next printer. Canon is losing a long time user, started with the MG 6320. The 250 and 251 ink cartridges. A good reliable machine, six color separate cartridges, each one easy to replace, and cost sensible; excellent high resolution photo printing. Never a printing problem. But, no longer compatible with newer Mac operating systems. Sonoma. Was outdated well prior to Sonoma. It’s now useless. The big picture is Canon is not the high quality company it projects of itself.