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PIXMA TS6051 Lettering Prints with a Shadow


I've struggled with the pigment nozzles on my TS61for years. Today I put a piece of sellotape over the nozzles and the lettering still had a shadow printed below.

I use a test print that has bands of each RGB and each YCM plus black in 10,10,10; 32,32,32; 0,0,0 and TEXT, each band has a text heading.

The colour bands are perfect, as are the colour bands of the nozzle-check. Even with a jeweller's loup, I can see each dot seperately. However, the bottom grey band bleeds clear dots to the let - interesting as the shadow is below.

I printed the sheet in landscape and the shadow on the text was still printed below the letters ie towards the longer A4 side! This proves that it's nothing to do with the mechanical aspects of the printer or the nozzles/cartridge alignment.

I believe it is a Canon driver issue and suspect it's a deliberate tactic to get people to buy new printers.

It is important because of the need to print out QR codes which can't be read if they are corrupted - also because it appears to be dishonest business practice.



Just refilled the cartridges and a test print is now shadowing to the left.

To see if it's a problem of the cartridges moving, I jammed the end by the printhead with paper under the unit..Same problem. Does the canonTS6051 print bi-directionally?

Doing a nozzle check or maintenance test print prints differently - paper from the cartridge, not rear, and lettering there is clear.

If only the driver and maintenance utility allowed more control over settings - eg disable individual cartridges, control over use (or not) of pigment cartridge.


I am having a similar issue with Canon Pixma TS6020 and I have tried:

  • Cleaning the timing belt/encoder strip with isopropyl alcohol
  • Cleaning the print head
  • Manually aligning the print head
  • Running the cleaning via the printer
  • Printing with the highest quality photo paper settings

But I'm still having the same issue as you of the ghosting/shadowing to the left
Here are photos of the issue I'm having and the nozzle check pattern.


I've had this printer for quite a few years now I think about 6 years and it has been fine up until it started doing this shadow thing. And like you the drift is always to the left of the page (the shipping label was printed in landscape - since otherwise the barcode cannot be read).

The CMY bands seem to have "spread" in the middle third only, the pigment stripes appear to be clear except for the "stepping" that affects the whole print - Looks like slack in bi-directional printing.

At least you have nozzle-check printout from the pigment cartridge, I get none



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