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PIXMA MX922 unusual PGBK alignment pattern


My MX922 suddenly started printing blurry black text. The alignment pattern shows a very unusual horizontal divergence pattern, almost as if it is an intentional pattern:


2021-0816_PGBK alignment pattern.jpg



Has anyone ever seen this pattern? Note how the first divergence (3rd row) forms a perfect inverted "V" - the double lines are perfectly vertical until the 3rd last row where the converge again in a perfect "V" shape.


This seems too "perfect" to be a faulty head; I'm suspecting a software or firmware issue. Anyone else ever see (and hopefully resolve) this?


Everything else about the print, including the other colors, all work fine.


Thanks in advance. Doc.



Yes, I have exactly the same problem with my MG7720. It's Only the PGBK pattern.  All others are fine. Cleaning and Alignment also didn't help.  Cleaning the timing strip (as mentioned in some other article) also did not help. 

I have the same problem with my MX922.  I'm starting to wonder if it isn't a Windows 10 problem...

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Doc_Ondrusek,


Blurry / double printing can be caused by a smudge on the encoder/timing strip.


To clean the encoder/timing strip, please follow the steps outlined in the following Knowledgebase Article available from our web site:


If the issue persists, your PIXMA MX922 would require service.  If your PIXMA MX922 was purchased less than a year ago, please contact one of Canon's Technical Support Representatives via phone or chat to obtain your in warranty options. To contact a Technical Support Representative, please use the link below:

If your PIXMA MX922 is out of warranty, you are eligible for Canon's Upgrade Program. This is for out of warranty units which have been diagnosed to require service, or for some reason are incompatible with a new or upgraded system. This option allows you a one-time opportunity to purchase a replacement product, discounted from the list price.

To help you get up and running quickly, we also offer free standard shipping (if the order is completed by 12:30PM ET). If you would like to take part in this option, please call our Sales Department at (866) 443-8002 seven days a week, 8am to Midnight. Let them know you have been working with technical support and the Canon Upgrade Program was offered.

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Cleaning the encoder filming strip doesn't resolve the alignment problem.  Since Canon no longer services this printer they offer a cheap imitation which has many complaints from the user community. I replaced the head with a new Canon head and that didn't resolve the problem but causes the display a Code B200 (printer needs service)...  I give up on Canon and purchased an HP product.

Cleaning the encoder strip had no effect. If that was the problem, the other colors would also have issues; they did not. I'm going to try a hard reset. If I don't get a solution, I'm just going to scrap it. Shame. Canon printers used to be awesome. But you drop service and parts for them too quickly. And this issue, which many are reporting, seems like a built in obsolescence feature. Intentional. Aside, I have an i960 printer that was beautiful. Needs a print head. Can't get one. Canon, You Suck.


I have a similar problem with the PGBK alignment, except that mine blurs and skews the lines even more than yours.


I have cleaned and deep cleaned numerous times, cleaned the timing strip several times, but still cannot get the alignment to print correctly.


Any suggestions?


It seems that too many people are having problems with the PGBK cartridges.  I've tried Canon and non-Canon cartridges and both provlde the same  alignment pattern.  I've cleaned the timing strip several times and that doesn't seem to help.  I've removed the Windows drivers from both my Windows-10 computer and reinstalled them to no avail.  Canon offers to replace the printer with a Pixma TR8620 for $179.00 but way too many customers who bought this replacement have reported this replacement as an unsatisfactory performer. I notice that other models of printers which use the PGBK cartridge are experiencing the same alignment pattern problem.  So that tells me it's the electronics inside the PGBK cartridges communicating with the printer software may be causing this problem and it occurs using Canon cartridges and non-Cannon cartridges. I do notice that none of my color cartridges produce this faulty's only tthe PGBK cartridge.  So, my thought is it's either the software inside the PGBK cartridges (all these cartridges are produced in China) that's defective or Canon has bad driver software.  Maybe somehow we need to purge the firmware imbedded in the Canon printers and load a fresh version of their firmware.  Does anyone using an operating system other than Windows 10 experience this problem with their PGBK cartridge misalignment?

I'm on Windows 8.1 - it's not a driver issue.


I'm using a Pixma IP8760. 

I've seen other posts on this exact same problem.  They are all using Windows, so I'd like to advise everyone I'm using MacOS High Sierra Version10.13.6

As a result I agree with everyone else that it seems to be a glitch with the PGBK cartridges. Both original Canon and and generics.  I'm very disappointed in Canon and their lack of solution to their customers.

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