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PIXMA MX922 purchase date needed for registration


I don't have a real physical problem with my printer but I need some advice. I cannot remember the purchase date of this printer because it has been a while ago. I purchased a Pixma MX922 printer from HSN or QVC, can't remember. It had to be sometime after 2013. I never used the printer after I received it because I was still using another canon printer at the time. When I did decide to start using the printer I must have forgotten to register my product and I don't have all the information to register it now. And because they can't find info on my printer there is no one I can speak to just to ask a question. I have purchased another printer and a couple of scanners and their customer service have helped me in the past. So they should have information under my name for something. Now that they have changed how they respond to customers their dealing is alienating me from receiving any assistance. Their customer service is what have caused me to be a faithful customer for almost 20 years and all my devices still work. Basically I call to ask a question or tech support for info I do not know. I love their products and purchases no other product for the things I tend to buy only from canon. I only wanted to ask a question about drivers for the printer. No problems. However I am very disillusion from all this and this will be my last product from them. However I will ask since I can't find my info on my purchase of this printer does that mean I cannot register my product though I was directed to do so as to why I am here right now for my printer info to be on file. Is that a correct assumption. Whatever the case I will not be buying anything else from canon. Their old way of dealing with customers was outstanding and kept me buying for that reason and the product, but not anymore. I'm done. This was ridiculous.



Thanks for joining the conversation, takiraah!  If we understand you correctly, it sounds like you're missing an accurate purchase date and it's preventing you from registering your printer.  If that's right, then it's okay if you don't remember the exact date.  If you've checked with the vendor and they don't have that information available, feel free to put down your best guess and that should suffice.

And if you just need drivers for your PIXMA MX922, you can download everything you need for free right HERE with no registration required.

Hope this helps!

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