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PIXMA MX410 Driver not available


We have a laptop and a desktop, both linked to the same Pixma MX410 printer.  I recently had to get  a new hard drive for the desktop.  Ever since I got it back, I cannot print anything from the desktop, altho the laptop prints just fine.  I get the message "Print to PDF" and if I download to PDF and try to print, I get the message "Printer/Drive unavailable." If I uninstall and reinstall, I will get message "printer is ready" but when I try to print, I get either "printer/driver not available" or "save to PDF."  I have tried to download latest driver from Canon and install but am told they no longer support MX410.  What are my options other than buying a new printer?  I have tried to run the original set-up CD Rom but when it gets to the point of connecting the printer to the computer, I get the message that "there is no connection."