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PIXMA MP980 Ink Absorber Full


Having two nice Canon MP980 printers ,that I don't want to replace, only to be told by Canon about an expensive ink absorber replacement or offer of a puny discount on a new printer does not set right with me.  If I am expected to throw the printer away, only because Canon will not provide the "service instruction" to clean or replace the absorbers and reset the counter, tells me that Canon cares little about its customers.   At over 88 years old, dollars do not come by easily and enriching Canon at my expense seems extremely inconsiderate.  How does their withholding of a "proprietary" reset procedure benefit anyone?   If I have to throw away two great printers that are otherwise functional, except for the built-in obsolescence,  it only encourages me to consider actions that would not benefit Canon.   How would it be if a car manufacturer did the same thing, or a manufacturer of equipment that Canon uses to produce its products did the same thing?   Thanks for listening and join in where you can to ensure that such arcane practices are prohibited or at least discouraged.