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PIXMA MP620 will copy only from the rear tray, not from the front


My Canaon Pixma MP 620 no longer copies from the front tray but will only copy from the rear tray. I cannot change it to the former setting. Nyone else have this problem? I think I played around with the settings and inadvertantly caused the problem but now cannot fix it.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi renibob,


To make a copy with your PIXMA MP620 using paper from the cassette, please follow these steps:


1. Turn on the power.


2. Load plain paper in the rear tray.


3. Open the Paper Output Tray gently, and open the Output Tray Extension.


4. Make sure that Copy is selected on the HOME screen, and press the OK button.


5. Load an original on the Platen Glass. Load the original with the side to copy FACING DOWN and align it with the alignment mark.


6. Confirm the page size, media type, magnification, etc. To change the settings, use the Easy-Scroll Wheel or the (Up) or (Down) button to select the item to change, and press the OK button. When Plain paper is selected for Media type and A4, B5, A5, or 8.5"x11" (LTR) for Page size, Cassette appears for Paper source. When other sizes or types of paper are selected, Rear tray appears.


7. Press the [+] or [-] button to specify the number of copies.


8. Press the Color button for color copying, or the Black button for black & white copying.


Copying will commence, taking the paper from the cassette.

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I am having the same issue.  My 882 wil not copy from the front casette.  All settings (on the printer panel and in settings on computer) are set to front cassette.  My printer is printing and scanning just fine.  The only way I can copy right now is to scan and then print.  



Hi SPanferov,


When coying with your PIXMA MX882, the paper type must be selected correctly or the PIXMA MX882 will feed paper from the incorrect location.  Please follow these steps:


 1.  Press the COPY button on your PIXMA MX882.


 2.  Load letter sized plain paper in the cassette of your PIXMA MX882.


 3.  Open the Paper Output Tray.


 4.  Load the original that you wish to copy on the platen glass or in the asutomatic document feeder.


 5.  Press the right Function button to show the print settings.


 6.  Use the down arrow to select "Type", please press the left or right arrow select "Plain paper".


 7.  Press OK


 8.  Press the Color button or Black button to begin copying.


The item will be scanned and then copied, using the cassette in the front of your PIXMA MX882.

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If printing from Word, or whatever, make sure that the paper size is selected to one of the sizes supported by the cassette, e.g., Letter, A4, etc. In my case, Turned out that the Word doc I was trying to print had no Size selected: Page Layout: Size
Setting the size to Letter, fixed the issue. Found this on my own, while on the support call.


The last time you used your Canon printer you may have sent a print job from your pc or laptop and you changed the settings there. If that's the case, you have to go back there and make the changes. If you were using MS Word like I was, bring up any document to print, go to Print and check Printer Properties and see what the Paper Source is. If it already says Cassette, Leave Printer Properties and go to Page Setup and select Paper. Down at the bottom it should say Print Options. Click that and it will bring up another window and there you will click Advanced. Now scroll way down the page to the section that says Print. Right below the word Print, you will find the Default Tray options window and that's where you can select the paper source you've been looking for all this time. See if it works. The Canon bots are pretty much useless since they're not able to understand the questions.