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PIXMA G7020 Fax from PC Using Windows 11?


When I try to set up my system to send faxes from my Pixma G7020 using Windows 11 It keeps asking me to eitherconnect to a Fax modem or "connect to a Fax server on my network".  If I select "Fax modem"  0f course it tells me I don't have one connected.  If I select "connect to a Fax server on my network" it asks for the "fax server location".  If this is where I should enter a location, how do I determine where the location is? Or, is it possible to do?  The old posts concerning the same problem do not deal with what is now presented in Windows 11. Confused to say the least.  Is anyone using the Fax mode through their Windows 11 computer successfully?  Thanks in advance.

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