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PIXMA G3270 Colors washed out


I  have just acquired a G3270 printer and the color printing behaves strangely, and I wonder if there was an explanation.  When I print a jpeg on plain paper, the color is washed out.  When I print the jpeg on plain paper with the paper type set on the printer to “glossy” on the printer, the color is better but still washed out.  However, when I take the test jpeg and embed it in a MS Word page, the color looks great!  What is going on?

I think something is going on with cymk under color removal, but I really don’t know.    





I just purchased G3270 as well, and its doing the exact same thing out of the box. Further investigation findings after I read your notes:

  • If I use the printers standalone Copy feature (not from a computer or phone)- colors come out perfect.
  • If i embed an image into a google document and print- colors come out perfect.
  • If i print any basic text document (not a photo) with colors- it comes out perfect


  • If I attempt to print a picture from my phone (canon's App) - Color is washed out.
  • If I open an image on my PC in the default image viewer and print- Color is washed out.

Attached Examples: 

  • Left Hand image was inserted into a Google Doc and printed- Perfect
  • Right Hand image was opened & printed from the windows default photo viewer - Washed out/Faded
  • PXL_20231122_000339810.jpg

Since I can MAKE it print images properly through certain (non photo specific) apps- That leads me to think there is something wrong with the Canon driver when it detects that the thing being printed is a photo, and then skews the settings for some reason... Which is why its screwed up printing from a smartphone (canon app). 

Anyone have a recommendations to fix this so it will just work everytime?

If printing with plain paper, you need to remove borderless printing from the driver/APP.

If you choose to print borderless on regular paper, the printing color will be washed out


If printing with plain paper, it is necessary to remove the borderless printing in the driver.

If you choose borderless printing on plain paper, the printing color will washed out