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PIXMA G3260 Whitewashed Images



Why is my G3260 printer printing white washed images? The details are not terrible on the images, but every print looks over exposed. How can I make the printed images come out more normal looking?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi pkielly,

First, please print a test page:

Once printed, please compare your printout with the example provided here:

If the test page did not print correctly, please perform a printhead cleaning:

After the cleaning is complete, please print another test page.  If there is no improvement in the printout, please perform another cleaning.

If there are still no improvements, please perform an ink flush:






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I printed the test page. The printer performed well per the benchmarks. The prints still look white washed. Has anyone else made the same complaint with this printer?

Hi pkielly,

Please take a photo or scan the last nozzle check that you printed as well as an example of the "whitewashed" image that you are experiencing.  Please attach those images to your reply of this post.





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im having the same problem and this is brand new! ive done the cleaning and the deep cleaning and still the same!

i tried everything here except the ink flush. this is unacceptable because this is still brand new. flushing the ink makes it useless since it will waste the ink. 😞 and i just spent a ton for this brand new printer

Im having the same problem with my g3260. did all the cleaning and burned thru 1/4 of my ink cleaning and flushing and still is the same. I'm disappointed😭 in this brand


I just purchased a new G3260 and am experiencing the same problem. The picture quality will be good once it doesn't appear faded/whitewashed. I did the print test and everything is as is it should be. I don't want to do the ink flush for the same reasons as posted above (waste of ink on a brand new printer).

The attached photos actually look better than they do in real life.

I am using Windows 10 Education on a Dell laptop. I have tried printing from the Canon Easy Photo Editor on both my laptop and through the mobile app.

Like others above, this is extremely frustrating!


Pic 1.jpgPic 2.jpgPic 3.jpg

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