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PIXMA G2410 Question about ink cartridges and bottles


Hello...I wanted to purchase a canon printer that uses refillable ink bottles instead of cartridges. I saw this prescription on the canon g2410 '(2 fine cartridges/refillable ink bottles)'... what does this description mean? does the printer use both cartridges and ink bottles? 



Thanks for joining the conversation, Nyagwoka!  PIXMA G-series printers use built-in refillable ink tanks instead of removable cartridges and you fill them by pouring in the ink from bottles.  The PIXMA G4210 features four ink tanks, each visible from the front of the printer, showing you how much black, cyan, magenta, and yellow ink is still in each one.  You can learn more about the PIXMA G4210 right HERE.

Hope this helps!



Thank you Danny for the guide and at leastI have learned something from this. bt my question was on g-2410 and not 4210... I saw some description that it also comes with maintenance ink cartridges, so what is the role of these cartridges in the printer and are they permanently buit in or they are replaceable after sometime... And if yes after how long are they replaced? 

Apologies for the mistake! The G2410 isn't a model that's supported here at Canon USA. That's why Danny transposed the numbers! 

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