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New printer Two Months No Ink


I purchased my Pixma MX-920 in June. Have not printed much at all this summer. Now I keep getting message: "Ink/toner almost empty."   Went to check Supply Levels and that message was "Information Not Available." What's happening?



Hi mingham,


The amount of ink that the printer will use varies based on what is being printed, what print quality the printer is set to print at, and what paper type is selected.


As a suggestion to conserve the amount of ink that is used by the printer, you can do these things:

1. Leave your printer on so that it goes into power save mode instead of turning it off after each use. Each time you turn off and then back on your printer, the print head nozzles will be cleaned during printer initialization. By letting the printer go into power save mode, it will reduce the amount of cleanings that are performed and as a result, use less ink.

2. Ensure that the paper type that you have the printer set to print to is set to PLAIN PAPER instead of a photo or other paper type. Using another paper type distributes the ink on the page differently, and in some cases uses more ink.

3. Keeping the printer out of direct sun light and away from heating vents, as this can dry out the ink tanks.

4. If you are going to turn the printer off instead of letting it go into a power save mode, please use only the power button and not a power strip/surge protector that the printer may be plugged into.

5. Ensure that the print quality is set to FAST or STANDARD. The higher the print quality setting, the more ink the printer will use.


6.  If you find that you print more black and white documents than color documents, selecting the grayscale printing option in the printer driver will reduce the amount of color ink consumed by the printer.


Should you need instruction for setting up any of the above items on your computer, please call or email us at one of the methods on the Contact Us page for further assistance.



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