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My Canon MX 892 prints blank pages.

For a couple of days my MX 892 colour printing has been wrong - too much yellow. Suddenly, this morning it prints completely blank pages. It behaves as though it's printing ok but not a drop of ink. The tanks are ok and I've deep cleaned the head and reset all settings but I still get no ink on the paper.
Any advice would be appreciated


Hi Canebee


You have  a printer MX892 and it's printing blank pages recently. It has also printed a bit of colour in the past but not this round.


Kindly advise what is your computer operating system, 


The following issue might be driver related.


Best Regards,


Hi KahVeen

I'm running windows 8.1 on a Gigabyte laptop with the printer connected wirelessly. I think the problem is mechanical rather than electrical as the printer thinks it's printing ok. I've been refilling cartridges from Inkbank and perhaps I've spilled ink somehow and clogged up the heads, though repeated deep cleaning makes no difference.

When I get a minute I'm going to try more drastic cleaning with some alcohol and cotton buds or similar.

Any other advice would be welcome.



Hi Canebee,


Thank you for your reply,


I see, would like to know if this is also affecting the photocopying function?


If it does then you may proceed with your suggestion on alcohol usage to clean.


If it doesn't, then you may look at your drivers to resolve your issue.


Below is the driver for your re-installation, you may click and begin your download.


Hope it helps,


Best Regards,


Hi KahVeen

Thanks for the prompt reply.

It doesn't copy or print but scans fine. I'll try the driver first (because it's easier) but I suspect it will need the clean.

Thanks and best regards


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