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MX700 Printer using color ink to print black


I am printing a project using only black & white (no greys) and my color ink is being used up, but not the black ink, HELP!!



Hi GramPam,


There are several things that may cause the color inks to be used when printing in black and white:


1.  Duplex printing is selected.  If you print double-sided pages, the color inks will be used to produce the black on the page, even if grayscale printing is selected.  This is done to eliminate over-saturation of ink on the page.

2.  A paper type other than PLAIN PAPER is selected.  Any other paper type selected other than plain paper will utilize the color inks to produce the black on the page.


3.  Periodic print head cleanings.  The printer goes through a cycle to clean the inkjet nozzles periodically so they do not become clogged; this process will use both the black and color inks.


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That's well and good; now how do I override the color-only usage? One of the reasons I bought Canon was for the double-sided capability to save paper (and to save time in manually duplexing it); unfortunately, color ink is more expensive, and forcing the printer to use the color ink eliminates the cost-benefit of buying Canon in the first place (as well as coming off a bit like a scam, as color ink is more expensive than black ink).


Can you please provide instructions on how to override the color-only setting? Thank you very much!


I have had the same problem.  What a nice favor Canon has done using Black ink to print Black & White, but ONLY if you don't print double sided, and ONLY if you use a certain size paper.  


Otherwise, all other cases will mix the color ink to make Black.  This is done to ensure something.  But it's not to sell more ink.  Don't think that.  Its for something else.  We don't know what.


Sounds like a big rip to me.  Maybe a scam as you don't even realize that the printer is sucking down all your color ink to print stuff in black & white -- which you have selected in the first place for the sole reason of saving color ink!


Will avoid Canon printers in the future.  Will recomend to other to do the same.