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MX310 horizontal line in printed photos



I have a Cannon MX 310 printer. For many years, it printed very nice photos. Recently, printed photos displayed a horizontal line near the top of the photo. The line has faint blue, yellow and magenta sublines. I used the cleaning and deep cleaning functions in the computer, but the line contibues to appear in subsequent photos. I also noticed that during the printing of a photo the printer hestitates briefly, once, during printing. I wonder if this a contributing factor. I would appreciate any solutions. Thanks.

Michael Lieber




In regard to a pause during the print operation.  A pause does not indicate a problem.  It might be caused by the type of connection or the type / size of file you are printing.  The file has to be spooled and sent to the printer.  If its a large file, the printer's buffer or memory may only be able to receive (process) so much data, it then pauses, purges the received data, receives the next or remaining portion of the file and continues. 

Your printer is about to turn 15 yrs old.  Its possible its printhead has reached the end of its useable life.  The standards of the day are different than they were more than a decade ago.

I just eWasted a 14 yr old inkjet we had in a guest room for visitors.  Everything worked, except we started to get funky colors and lines.  It had a great life.  Canon has an upgrade program for loyal customers like yourself.  Canon Upgrade Program. They're at 866-443-8002.  It might be time 😀

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Hello Rick,

Thanks for your reply. The ink cartigages for my printer contain the printheads from what I read. Changing such does not resolve the problem. The horizontal line, containing the three basic color lines used in printing, suggest to me that the color data in that narrow region is not be processed correctly, hence the linear gap. As you note, the hesitation in printing does not indicate a problem, but I wonder, if in this case, the hestiation represents a stoppage in color data processing for that narrow region. If so, is there a way to solve that problem? Perhaps, the addition of a new computer chip? Perhaps, the problem is too basic solve. Can you recommend a newer canon printer compatible with Dell and Windows 7. Thanks again. Mike

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