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MG8120 stopped working after set up of PRO-100


My old yet reliable PIXMA MG8120 stopped printing for me yesterday after I set up a new PIXMA PRO-100. I'd printed a photo on the old machine before installing the PRO-100 and printing the same photo for comparison.  I then went to print the rebate form on the MG8120 and get "Stopped - 'Filter' failed, 1 page"  error message.  What I've discovered thus far indicates it's the printer's incomatiblity with the newer Mac OS.  


Despite being unsupported, the MG8120 did not have any issues with Mac OS 10.15.2/Catalina up until yesterday.  The scanner still works fine and the printer still functions for my wife's MacBook Air running Mac OS 10.14.x. 


Does anyone know of a way to put back what may have been overlayed during the PRO-100 installation?  Or is this a lost cause?   


Thanks in advance,

Bob Fahrenholtz



Did you ever find a solution?

I had precisely the same problem - except that i have owned both printers for years.  Yesterday i updated my printer driver off the Pro-100 site, and it has taken down my MG8120.  (I already lost the scanning function off my current MAC when I upgraded to Catalina...and am able to drive the scanner off my not-upgraded to 64-bit laptop).  This is super annoying, especrtially as i just got another ~$75 worth of ink for the 8120 yesterday!!!


I use them for different stuff...and would like to continue doing so!!!


PS:  i do love my pro-100

Hi Adaird,


No, never have gotten it to work.  Happy to see it wasn't just me.  The MG8120 has been a workhorse for many years. 
Ended up buying a $50 TR4520 multifunction for daily use when I suddenly needed a fax machine.  Decent output for the price.  And the auto doc feeder is nice.
I had issues with the MG8120 scanner for a while as well.  Found a driver on a foreign Canon site.   Same situation as you with a few new ink cartridges now collecting dust.  I do believe the MG8120 will work with Windows 10 if you have one or know someone who does.   
Haven't used the PRO-100 much yet.   Happy with the results thus far though.  Still trying to get a handle on the presets after losing all those from the MG8120.  I never seem to see the same options when printing. 

ah yes! the print dialogues are different on the two printers -- you will have to rebuild your favorites on the Pro-100.  but the print quality is so amazing!! Assuiming that you are using something like LR or PS, be sure that EITHER you (1) use ICC codes for your paper or (2) if you only use Canon paper, use the print pro plugin ... (but don't do both)

Thanks for the tips!!!  I only use Canon ink and paper in the equipment.  I've always gotten great results so see no need to use anything else.


Canon LIVE! Canon LIVE!