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MG7550 Scanner Has Incorrect Colors


Hi, I have a Pixma MG7550 printer and use the scanner a lot to scan pictures I have drawn to create printed birthday cards etc but the scanner doesn't seem to recreate the colors very well. Here are some images showing you what I mean.

Image Taken With SmartphoneImage Taken With SmartphoneScan of CardScan of Card

The first image is closer to how to card looks in real life, I took a picture with my phone and the second image is the scanned version of the card. The second image looks much redder and worse still when I print it. Most of the orange is gone.

Can anyone please tell me how to correct this with the scanner software or do I need to use some kind of ICC profile or perhaps buy a better scanner? I make a lot of cards and rather than drawing each one, it's easier to draw one by hand and then make copies of it but the printed results look awful compared to the original, the colors are just way off. Plus the scanned image looks like it's behind a film or some kind of filter to make it look duller and I end up editing it in Photoshop Elements which makes the colors look worse, even more red than in the original scanned image.

Thanks for any suggestions