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MG3600 will not print labels


Hi, It is not recognizing the paper so it grabs it for a moment and then shoots right out. I put one sheet upside down by mistake and printed fine on the back of the labels. It will print the file fine on regular paper . There is no display on this model but the triange flashes when I try to print labels. All suggestions welcome. Many thanks.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Juliamay,


What version of Windows (or OS X) is installed on your computer?

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Hi , it is 10.9.5 OSX.

I had the same model printer before and no problem although same model number the function buttons are different.

Hi Juliamay,                  


There is no specific setting within the driver that will allow you to set it up for printing labels.  However, the printer should allow you to print labels if they are on a 8.5 letter size sheet of paper.  You will also need a program that allows you to format the labels.


If you continue to have difficulties, please contact our support group using the following link:

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I just bought my printer today. It will not print on my labels. I have saved my document as a pdf. The printer sucks the labels into it and then spits it straight back out. I also begins to blink the flash button 22 times. 


Everything I am reading in the online manuel states that there are not media type settings for labels or cardstock. Two things I do use.


i bought Avery nametags and tried to use my Canon 3600, too and didn't have the option for Avery.  Geez, really?  and the other brands were 3 times as expensive because of bigger quantities.  If I had known i would have this problem, I would not have a Canon.

But, to make it work--i had to peel off the top part of the label, stick it on regular 8 1/2 x 11 and let it print, choosing the regular paper option.  if i did the photo paper with the same dimentions as the label paper, it would print the text all up in the corner.

very dissappointed with Canon.


Try pulling off the contact paper between the labels. The printer then sees a thin leading edge and is fooled.  This worked for me, and I was able to repeat it.


Good luck.

OMG!  What a ridiculous problem! Canon!!! you got some splaining to do! It's 2019!!! Is there some kind of software update for this printer?  How on EARTH is it that someone had to experiment with peeling the borders off the labels to get this printer to print labels!  YES!!! IT WORKS!!! THANK YOU!!!!! 

I'M SO FRUSTRATED! All day I've been trying to figure out why the printer doesn't like the gold labels. So my sweetie went out looking for plain labels, because, like another person on this thread, one the hundreds of times I was trying to get the printer to work, I fed the labels in the wrong direction and THE PRINTER LIKES FLAT WHITE SURFACES!!! Useless if you want to print several hundred labels.  Come to discover, plain white labels are not so palatable either to the MG3600.

Peeling off the borders I am.  fix the **bleep** printer! 


I found a solution! Wet a corner of a paper towel with rubbing alcohol and wipe the very edges of the label paper. Some of the blue Avery writng might smear but it is ok. This method has worked for me every single time since I tried it. Hope it workd for you!


I found a way to print the labels (Avery was the one i used). You must remove the top blue and bottom blue avery name tags thats on the label paper and the printer will read it like a paper. Hope it helps eveyone. 

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