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MG2500 PIXMA cutting off sides of PDF

Apprentice I was emailed a nice certificate (PDF) to print off. Akin to like a graduation certificate. It's oriented in Landscape, and has a nice border all the way around it. ALL I WANT TO DO, is print this PDF off without it cutting the border off. Now, I understand that the MG2500 does not have the ability to print BORDERLESS. I forsaw that and chose the option "fit to printable area" when I went to print out the PDF. I figured I could just cut off the white edges and deal with the fact that it's a tad smaller than I wanted. HOWEVER, every time I print this certificate out, EVEN though I have asked it to print to printable area, it cuts off the left side of the border. EVERY time. I'm at that level of frustration where I want to toss the printer out the second story window of my home. How do I fix this? The certificate is supposed to accompany a gift for a friend and I just wanted it to look nice. I have tried fiddling with the printer's page setup junk over and over. I selected landscape orientation, tried fiddling with where that weird "stapler margin" is...nothing seems to fix this. Printer Preview shows the edge being cut off when it prints. There HAS to be a way to fix this. I don't understand why simply clicking "fit to printable area" isn't fixing it? WHAT DO I DO?



I'm just curious, how have you fixxed this?

There are online pdf editors, or you can use Foxit, but online like is much easier and faster. I discovered it when I had some troubles with Microsoft office and couldn't edit the pdf file. And I started googling the solution to my problem but ended up using pdfchef.

no, it is now 2024  🙄