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Issue Scanning With My Canon PIXMA MG2220 Printer.




I've been unable to continually scan objects using my Canon PIXMA MG2220 Printer and I notice that in the display area there is a blinking O or half 8 symbol / sign and I'm not sure what that means (I took a picture of the sign, see the image below ).


I'll try to scan something a number of times using my printer but it only scans like 1 out of every 3-4 times. It sounds like something inside the PIXMA MG2220 Printer is moving when I click scan and the printer does not scan.


I also notice there is an orange light on that is next to the "Black Ink" status indicator, but I'm not sure if that has anything to do with the printer not scanning every time.


This issue makes scanning items unneccessarily slow, especially if I have alot of items to scan, which I currently do.


I would appreciate help with resolving this issue.









You're issue appears to be indicative of a more serious problem.  See this:


Canon Knowledge Base - Orange Light Lit or Flashing on a PIXMA MG2220

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     Hi, shadowports.


If by orange light, you mean the image here:


LED image with the Power button, flashing Alarm lamp, and number representing an error code


No, the orange light that I refer to is next to the "Black Ink" Status Indicator, not located in the Display area as shown in the above image.


Can you not view the image of the picture I took of my Printer?


Thanks for being active in our community! We're happy to share that it's possible to scan with an empty ink tank or cartridge. To start scanning, follow the instructions at this link.

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