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Installing MG2522 on Windows 10 S-mode


This printer shows on the Canon website it is compatible with computers running windows 10 in S-mode, but I am unable to get it to install.  However, the scanner installed, but not the printer part and I bought this for the printer.  Can anyone help me get this installed, without taking the computer out of S-mode?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi weehleshb,


If you want to use your PIXMA MG2522 via USB with a Windows 10 S computer, simply plug your device into an available USB port and follow these steps:


1.  Open the Control Panel by holding the Windows key and pressing the letter R.


2.  In the Run window, type "control panel" (without quotation marks) and click OK.


3.  Click Devices and Printers.


4.  Click Add a Printer.


5.  In the new window that appears, click on your printer and then click Next.


A driver will be installed.  When this process has finished, click Finish.





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Mine doesn't even bring up the printer when I try to follow those steps. Any other ideas?

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers 3 times and the printer doesn't even show up in the list.  Who can help with this??

Nope - printer still doesn't show up in the list of available printers

You can't install the Canon app in S-mode.
You can only install Microsoft Store apps in S-mode.
Canon doesn't have an app in Microsoft Store.
Third-party apps in the store, 'Windows for Scanner' and 'Windows Fax and Scan' have limited functionality.
None of them recognize the scanner function in my Canon 3-in-1 office printer, a big complaint in the reviews.
Why does Microsoft Store feature apps that don't work.

I'm wondering if anyone can help with this - I think I have installed my MG2500, it comes up in my list of devices, but says that there is an app for this. Do I still have to do anything? I was able to print a test page, but can't priny anything else. Suggestions?

Same problem here. This printer absolutely will not install on my Win 10 HP laptop. It ONLY installs as a scanner. I have attempted to install the drivers MULITPLE times and EVERY time it hangs up saying the printer is not connected to the computer. I am connected via USB using the USB cable that came with the printer. The laptop gives me the USB connection notificaiton when I connect and disconnect the printer cable. This is so frustrating. We need our printer and this is unusable.  Someone from Canon who can give us the actual solution that does not include following the prescribes steps on the Canon website that I already tried and do not work, please respond to this group of customers who deserve the actual solution to this problem. Thank you.


I had to reinstall my Canon MG2522 after upgrading to Windows 10, which I did about a year ago.  I found out yesterday I could not print page or print anything on the web.  I could only copy so I did some research here on the Canon Forums.


After two failed installs, I improvised during the install, skipping the XPS Driver and my Canon MG2522 now works flawlessly.  If any of the methods already mentioned doesn't install your printer correctly, give this piece of advice a try.  It worked for me and I'm happy I do not have to purchase a new printer.


I hope anyone having issues with their printer installation with Windows 10 will find one of the methods listed in this discussion as a problem solver to your installation issues. 


i stiil cant connecte it... i need a refund... where can i get my money back?