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How can I print on legal size paper on MX922 ?


I can't figure out how to print on legal size paper  . . . how is this done ? The paper tray only holds 8 1/2 x 11.


Hi, William! I don't know if you've found the answer to your question, but I've been wondering the same thing! On the few occasions I've needed to print on legal-size paper, I've just pulled out the lower papertray, put a sheet or two of legal in on top of the letter-size sheets and closed the tray with a "paper tail" sticking out. It seems ridiculous but it works. However, after seeing your post I pulled the paper tray out, removed the paper and inspected the tray more closely. Lo and behold! - with the paper out, if you look inside the tray to the left, you'll see a "depressable" plastic button adjacent to an arrow with an "LGL" label. It takes a little slight-of-hand, but if you press down on that button and pull at the front of the tray, it slides out into a new locked position -- expanding the extra 3" needed for legal paper and revealing a new "LGL" detent for the paper length adjuster! I'm sure the Canon engineers thought this would be totally obvious to the user but I've owned several Canon printers now and this is the first time, like you, I've been stumped to figure out how to use legal-size. Thanks for posting on the forum so I'd see your question, get motivated by it and finally find the answer to what's been bugging me, too! By the way, Canon, the MX922 is a really great printer! I get wonderful results whether printing photos, web pages or work docs. Really affordable to boot!

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If you pull out the lower cassette, on the left hand side nearest you there is a picture of an envelope and a sheet of paper sort of curled up.  Above that is a rectangular button and an arrow pointing towards you daying "LGL".  If you push the button down you can pull out the front part of the cassette to alloy you to load legal-size paper without it sticking out from the cassette.  There are more instructions for prining on odd-size paper in the file "MX920ser_ReadMeFirst_EN.pdf"

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Very helpful! Thank you!

Can't believe the number of questions about legal paper use. The tray accommodates them. Duh.

"Inability to believe" is a cognitive issue.

Thank you so much. It worked for me too...

I've always suspected that help community moderators, in asking for arcane information about one's computer, were just giving people the run around. The moderator's reply to your question proves that they are. I wonder if they are meeting some response time requirement? Or are they just passive aggressive? I tend to think the latter. What a great job if you really enjoy jerking people around. There is no danger of getting punched.


I have the same problem when airprinting from my Garmin Pilot app, which does not provide settings for paper size.  The printer thinks the document is a photo size (too small to use), and gives the out of paper error.   Can the printer be forced to print 8.5x11 regardless of what is coming to it?  Thanks.

Hi NewCanonUser,


When printing using Apple AirPrint, the paper size is selected automatically according to the application software being used on the Apple device and the region in which AirPrint is used.  If there is not a selectable paper option in the app you are printing from, you will need to print from the paper tray that is automatically selected.


More information on printing via Apple AirPrint can be found here.


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Loading paper larger than A4 size

 To load paper larger than A4 size in the cassette (lower), press down the lock (F) on thecassette (lower), then extend the cassette (lower).

The cassette (lower) sticks out of the machine when correctly set. Do not force the cassette (lower) into the machine any further.

This can damage the machine or cassette (lower).


WOW, this is amazing! I just spent all day trying to learn how to print out a spreadsheet on legal paper in Excel.  (I actually gave up years ago trying to figure out how to do this.)  This literally is a game changer, no other forums online had an answer except for now. Thank you so much!  WAHOO! 

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