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G7020 Printer - Brilliant ink system design/AWFUL user interface!


I'm leaving this here in hopes that I am not the only consumer who is greatly frustrated with the G7020. Somewhere between Canon & Pixma, I truly hope that the designers/engineers involved in this product will get this message. 


I was (and still am) stoked about the ink system in this printer. I think it's genius & that alone makes me want to LOVE this printer. 


The user interface, however, is lacking to say the VERY least! Whatever the opposite term is for "user friendly" ... THAT'S the category that this printer falls under.  


It is so incredibly frustrating to see this brilliant ink system integrated into a machine that literally NOONE is going to want to use because it is so unfriendly! 


What this machine needs, is a large LCD touch screen that is intuitive to the user. 


I've been fighting with printers for 22 freaking years! That's half my **bleep** life!! I've tried every brand under the sun, and swore the big one completely off over a decade ago. If I could add up the amount of money that has gone into our home/small business printers in the last 20 years ... and how many separate machines I've tried ... it would no doubt be an astronomical number. When I ordered the Canon Pixma G7020, I told myself it was going to be "The One". And now I'm sitting here just shaking my head at the ridiculous amount of time that has been lost to trying to figure this **bleep** thing out. 


So again, hopefully someone in the design/engineering department will read this. Hopefully I'm not the only one in this boat.

If you're a consumer, like me, who shares this opinion ... PLEASE chime in here and leave your thoughts on this thread! 



I have this printer, and I agree.


I deal with this by not using the UI. I think almost everything beyond the very initial setup can be managed through the Canon printer driver and utilities.


I have a Windows PC, but I presume the Mac OS drivers have a similar functionality.


I had an issue where the utilities would not work over ethernet/wifi because of my VPN software not playing nice with the IPv6 Canon addresses, but I switched my connection to USB and everything works great.


I recently purchased the G7020 to replace an older Canon PRO9000 II which had very small cartridges. I'm happy so far with the printer but like others find the display lacks being easy to see. I knew about this problem from reviews before purchasing but had hoped Canon had fixed the issue. Sadly no! Ah well, perhaps an update will provide a cure.

I just bought one in 2-17-21. I had a canon pixma for over 10+ yrs and loved it. This one is a piece of junk. You are correct ink system design is great - that was the main reason I purchased it. But seriously thinking of returning it. It was engineered and assembled poorly for a printer of this caliber. If Canon keeps this up they won't be in business too much longer.


Canon is slowly losing my business every time I use this printer because of the interface. Go into settings then back out to actually scan or print. realize it's set for multiple pages so have to go back into settings and change it. Then after your done realize it switched back to grayscale instead of color and have to change it again and rescan everything.
I used a Canon all in one years ago and have been wanting to come back because it was the best I'd used.  Now I can't wait to change and go to something else.  I love the actual printing functions but the interface is driving me away.