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Canon Support Sucks - Error when seeking support via email


Is it OK to vent a bit of frustration in here about the Canon support.  I went to their e-mail support for my Pixma MG5422 Printer since my Photoshop software can not find the scanner  after upgrading to Windows 10.  I filled out that long form with my e-mail address, phone # etc. etc. Model and serial #'s etc. etc.  Everything worked just fine until i hit the "Submit" button.

That one didn't work.

I guess Canon figures that typing it all out would relieve your frustration...but thewy don't want to hear about it.


Totally screwed on this project. Tech support via the one number you can call about printers closes at 5pm on Fridays. I'm in the middle of a project that's due and I won't be able to talk to anyone til Monday. I tried all the trouble shooting tips in the FAQ and what I found on the forums. Nada. All of a sudden this expensive a$$ printer starts printing IMPOSSIBLY slow, 15 pages in 1.5 hours slow. At this rate it'll be next year before I finish. They need a chat option for tech support asap. I'm going insane over here. 😞

Still same issue - Fill out the entire email support form online for an image class MF6444 printer and the submit button doesn't work.  Phone support puts you on hold for an unlimited amount of time, and the option to have someone call you back results in no one ever calling you back.

I have two of these printers which are only a few months old and they make a very loud hissing noise.


I would heave this printer if i hadn't ordered more print cartridges. i have it hardwired to my computer and it still won't print! Very frustrating! I'm not trying wireless anymore- it is hooked up to my computer with cable, but it still won't recognize it! Not sure what else i can do. I've uninstalled the  program, reinstalled it, etc., everything i can think of, but still no go. And, they won't respond. Very bad, sad, customer support. Fix it!

I just bought a Windows 10 pc.  I will see if it prints.  I understand your frustration!




Yep I've had more than one frustrating expierience trying to get ANY support from Cannon for my printer that didn't work correctly from,minute 1. I bought it brand new at Wal-Mart and should have returned it the next day. It won't connect with my computer,can only use it from my phone through a 3rd party app,can't change any settings at all. Complete Junk and customer service is non existent DO Not Buy Thier Products.I never will again,so sorry I switched from lexmark,many printers over many years,Ill switch back,and just a tiny bit of customer service probably would have changed everything.



Sorry to hear about your experience.  I guess I've been lucky.  I've only had a contact support  a handful of times, and all have gone pretty smoothly.  I've used chat once or twice years ago.  Before that I used the form submission once, it worked.

These days I just call if I need assistance.  Phone support hours have been extended and my waits have always been short if I even had to wait at all.  The automated assistant has presented a challenge on occasion.  

This thread is about 8 yrs old now.  If you'd like, we'd be happy to try and help you.  For that, it would be helpful for us if you started a new thread.  It should include the model of your Canon Product, a description of the problem or issue, the operating system (version and build) you are using it with and any details that might help us understand the challenge you are facing.  Canon consumer printers come with a 1 yr warranty and free installation support directly from Canon.  You are welcome to contact support directly, or we'd be happy to try here if you like.

To receive support from Canon, your product has to be registered.  Visit My Canon.  


You can see available support options (ways to contact) in the portal.  

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