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Canon Pixma TS9551C red printing orange


Hi everyone,

I decided the get a replacement printer to 'upgrade' from my Canon Eco Tank for printing greeting cards and to be able to print A3 drawings etc and based on various reviews went for the Canon Pixma TS9551C.  I purchased it a couple of months ago but have never been happy when printing red, it prints orange instead of red.
I have tried several cleans, replacement cartridges, tried different paper and card and it is still printing orange. I have tried printing a PDF file on the Canon and Epsom printer and the Canon is 100% more orange than red when compared.
I am printing via my Lenovo Yoga laptop wirelessly but have also tried printing the same file via my mobile phone to check if it was a problem with the laptop settings etc.
I have reinstalled the drivers from the Canon website also incase that could have been the issue but no joy
Is there anything you could suggest or advise please?
Thank you in advance! 
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