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Canon Pixma MX922 paper jam in upper cassette


Well I did something stupid, I placed a 4" by 6" photo paper that was cut in half in the upper cassette, thinking that I could save paper and it got stuck in the printer. I managed to take it out piece by piece but I still get that error code 1311 and the printer interface won't let me go to the menu. Maybe the paper sensors are damaged? Maybe there's still some paper stuck that I can't see? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Nervermind, fixed it.

Hi, Calust!

We're glad you were able to solve your problem. For the benefit of other forum users who might encounter the same issue, would you mind telling us how you took care of this? We're sure someone out there would really appreciate it!

Thanks for posting!

I took two of the same 4" by 6" photo papers, taped them together to make it 4" by 12". I removed the two back components to expose this white upper cassette paper path thing. I slid and pushed that paper where the red arrow is (see photo) so it come out on the other side underneath the rollers as if it would normally print. Nothing came out with it BUT when I plugged the printer back, the 1311 error message was gone. I decided to print on a normal piece of paper to see if the printer still works and lo and behold, a piece of the original photo paper that was stuck somewhere inside came out with the normal piece of paper. I did the printer maintenance and all tests have passed. Hope this helps.



Great photo. 6 years later, I received the error code 1311 about upper cassette and I was unable to find paper jammed in bottom or back and error would not go away to access the Menu. I have not been using the upper tray so there was no 4x6 or 5x7 paper even loaded in the upper tray.

I used 3 sheets of letter-sized card stock and inserted from back where your red arrow instructed. It was thick enough to turn the wheels until I was able to pull it out the front.

In my case, I discovered a small sliver of post-it paper that must have gotten into the paper tray during a reload. The card stock pulled it out through front and when I restarted the printer it cleared the 1311 error code jammed message. Back in business.

Thank you for your photo!!