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Canon PIXMA MX922 whole page not scanned




I tried to scan documents, 8.5 x 11 and 8.5 x 14, but the bottoms of the documents keep getting cut off, i.e., not scanned.

How can I get my printer to scan the entire document length? 


Thank You,





Hi, Jim!

So that the Community can help you better, we will need to know exactly which operating system is running on your computer, and which application you're trying to scan with. That, and any other details you'd like to give will help the Community better understand your issue!

If this is a time-sensitive matter, our US-based technical support team is standing by, ready to help 24/7 via Email at or by phone at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666) weekdays between 10 AM and 10 PM ET (7 AM to 7 PM PT).

Thanks and have a great day!

My all-in-one is brand new, and I have this problem too.  I bought the MX922 specifically for scanning from the ADF and sending PDFs to my Windows computer.  The scanned page is shifted up approximately 1/4 inch.  In other words, the top 1/4 inch of the page is missing at the top, and you can see the bottom of the scanned 11 inch paper is above the bottom of the PDF page by the same amount.  I'm doing the scans from the MX922 using the ADF and the scan buttons on the device, and the PDF files are being sent to my Windows machine where they are received by the Canon IJ Scan Utility.  How can the scanner be calibrated?  The same doesn't happen when I lift the top and use the platen, but of course that is using different parts of the device.

I've just tested the same functionality of my parents' year-old MX922 and see the same behavior, even after updating their firmware to 3.0. To me, this points to an across-the-product issue and not a defect of just my device. Please post/send directions on how to resolve the page shift issue or advise if I should return the unit in favor of a different model.

have you guys found a fix for it yet? I'm having the same issue with a different printer (Canon MG7520) I might return it because of this.

Sure haven't, sorry.  Good luck to us all.

it would be great if Canon would reply to this

Burdell1, I've submitted a new post asking Canon Support to see our unresolved issue this post. Hoping for an answer. (The new post, to raise awareness of this one is at

8.5x11 and 8.5x14 pages should both scan OK using the ADF simplex setting. Open the Canon IJ Scan Utility and click on the Settings button in the lower right corner.

On the next screen, click on Document Scan, then pull down the Select Source settings and select Document (ADF Simplex). Then pull down the Paper Size settings and select Letter or Legal, depending on your paper size. 

Set the Color Mode, Resolution, Orientation, etc. settings as appropriate, including the Save settings at the bottom.

Then click OK.

With your document(s) in the ADF, click on the Document Button in IJ Scan Utility to start the scan.

Hi searchib,


You can perform a calibration on the scanner by using the ScanGear driver, accessible via the IJ Scan Utility.  To perform the calibration, please follow these steps:


1. Start the IJ Scan Utility.

2. Click the SCANGEAR button from the main screen.

3. Click on the Advanced Mode tab in the window that appears.

4. Click on the Preferences button at the bottom of the window.

5. On the SCANNER tab, in the Calibration Settings section, ensure that the Execute at Calibration at Every Scan setting is set to ON, then press the OK button.

6. Click the blue PREVIEW button to preview the image you are trying to scan.

7. Make any needed adjustments, then click the green SCAN button to scan the image.

Please try scanning again.  If you still experience difficulty, please call or email us at one of the methods on the Contact Us page for further assistance.

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