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Canon MX 922 WPS Pin Number


I have tried finding the answer to this with no success.  I can't seem to reach Canon Printer support because i am never home at my computer during their business hours.  When i go online, there's a space that asks for this number and it says it's located on the Printer.  The only number i can find is the Serial number on the back of the printer and some numbers that don't tell me anything located on the bottom.  Could someone please help me with this?


Thank you,

Tom Kelley



Hi Tom,

Maybe this will help.


WPS = "WiFi Protected Set Up"


This is a feature of wireless products that (mostly) allows for simplified direct connection of your devices.


It basically removes the steps of you having to enter the SSID name of the wireless broadcast, the security type (example WPA/WPA2 and the security key (example a passphrase).


WPS does this for you using a PIN to authenticate devices.


Now that you know what WPS is, tell us what you are trying to connect?


Printer to your WIFi Router / Network?


Computer directly to your Printer?


I suspect its the former..  printer to your router..  If so, the WPS PIN exists on your router.  Depending on brand and model, some manufacturers will actually put the PIN on the device, sticker on the bottom, etc.  Not very secure, but present.


Other times you have to log into the router and find or set the PIN in the router's configuration.  This is not difficult.  Here is an example.




I have mine disabled as WPS is convenient but not overly secure. 


This should walk you through the process


If you have questions or need more help, reply back and one of us will assist.

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Thanks so much, but i think my printer is bad.  I even talked to canon support and we couldn't get it working.  I appreciate your reply though.

Product Expert
Product Expert



To display the WPS PIN, please follow the steps in this article:




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Thanks, but i finally realized my printer is bad.