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Canon MG7700 I can print out my 3 X 5 Recipe Cards with it


This may help some people like me who so want to print their 3x5 recipe cards.  I print my 3x5 recipe cards using MS Word and the Canon MG7700 printer all the time.  Just once in a while it does come printed slanted, but most of the time it's okay.  I use the Number one tray and set the slide sides as narrow as it goes.  Then the front end slide up to the "L" line.  I place the card face down, and IMPORTANT: the narrow 3" side up to the back of tray stops, the top of card 5" side I push up to the lefthand side slide.  Then into the printer and press button to Register.


I have the card size set for landscape custom 3x5 in MS Word with 1/4" borders.   Then File Print.  Pick my Canon MG7700 printer and one more IMPORTANT step:  Pick "Printer Properties" >>then the tab reading: "Page Setup" >> check the box that says "Duplex printing", but make sure underneath it "Automatic" is not checked.  If  Automatic is checked, it will not print.  Ok yourself out.


Then print.  If more then one page for your card, after the first side is printed, your printer will ask you to reload in the #1 tray to print the second side.  Put the blank side down you want to print the second page, as top, up to the lefthand side on long side, and the short side up to the rear of tray stops and slide in the tray, Register it, and print the second side.  Most of the time I have a successful 3x5 print made on both sides of card.


What will not work is putting the 5" side straight into the printer, then you have to pull it out from the back removing the black back and slide out the white curve tray there too, in order to reach the stuck card.  The 3" width will not make the curve so that the printer can keep feeding the card around the curve.  But when you feed in the 3" side into the printer, it can make the trip to get to your printer head.



Hi NDboots.


The MG7700 series is not designed to support paper as dense or rigid as most 3x5 index cards.  Usage of such paper may cause damage or otherwise reduce the lifespan of the printer.

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